How to Know If You Are a Seer | 8 Signs You’re a Seer

Early on in my walk with God, I thought I might be a called to a prophetic office and I wondered how I could know if I was a seer. Years later God confirmed my calling to me himself. He sent an angel who gave me a scroll in a dream that had my name on it that read “yes” that I was “called to be a prophet” but I “needed to groan more.” God sent others into my life who also recognized and confirmed this call on my life.

In this post, I’ll share some things I’ve learned along the way and also some helpful tips I’ve picked up from other Seers on how to know if you are a seer.

What is a Seer?

It’s important to understand that a Seer is a type of prophet. Not everyone who sees visions or experiences heavenly things is a seer. There are certain signs that must accompany the mark and the maturing of a true prophet seer before the Lord can use him. You may have indicators in your life and childhood of your calling to be a seer, but it doesn’t mean you are in the office of a prophet yet.

A Seer is a follower of Christ who sees in the spirit. Seers receive revelation from the Holy Spirit primarily through visual means and also through their physical senses. The first mention of the word seer is in 1st Samuel 9:9 and the Hebrew word used is râ’â; which translates: to experience, to gaze, and to discern. Contrast this to a Nabi prophet which is one of the Hebrew words for prophet in the Old Testament. It means to bubble up and to declare.

A seer can see a vision or dream a dream but he also may feel fire in his body when in the presence of angels. Or smell smoke during prayer and worship. Or feel things in his body and emotions when a demonic spirit is in an atmosphere or on a person. They are highly sensitive to spiritual atmospheres. Seers have a strong gift of discerning of spirits as well.

I’ve put together 8 things that may indicate you have the Seer anointing and calling on your life.

1. You Consistently Receive Visual Revelation From the Lord or #2

Seers have a history in God filled with a consistent flow of dreams and visions. Every believer can receive visual revelation from God (and they should ask him to increase this) but not all believers are Seer prophets. A Seer does not only operate in the simple gift of prophecy, as all believers have access to through the Holy Spirit.

A Seer’s gifting carries with it a mantle and a greater authority in the Spirit—which other prophets can recognize—as the spirit of prophets are subject to the prophets. One of the signs of a seer is receiving consistent visual revelation.

The visionary states can be diverse such as:

  1. Dreams
  2. Night Visions (distinct from dreams)
  3. Waking Visions
  4. Trances
  5. Out of Body experiences where you are carried away to different places by the Holy Spirit (like Ezekial)
  6. Mental Images when praying or prophesying to people

2. You Consistently Receive Revelation in Your Physical Senses & Emotions

Seer’s walk in a stronger discernment gifting. This manifests in their physical senses and in their emotions. These types of seers are also called “feelers” in some circles. They are able to sense what God is doing in people, regions, churches, rooms, etc. through their feelings. They can also pick up on what the enemy is doing just the same. I’d say, many seers first start picking up on the bad stuff before they begin to understand their gifting. This was me.

Seers can feel things in their 5 physical senses and emotions:

  1. Taste
  2. Touch
  3. Smell
  4. Hearing
  5. Seeing
  6. Emotions/Feelings

They can discern if something is:

  1. From Holy Spirit
  2. Angels
  3. Demons/Principalities
  4. Human Emotions / Soul Realm
  5. Human Spirit

3. You Consistently Have the Burden of Intercession

Oftentimes the revelation comes with a burden to pray and intercede for what the Lord showed you. This could be for a person, a region, or something uniquely on God’s heart. Every seer prophet is also an intercessor. They must spend time on their knees before the Lord.

If you don’t spend time in his presence or get many burdens for prayer than ask him to release the mantle of intercession onto you. There are times in my life I’ve had it and times when I haven’t. It’s important to intercede for what the Lord shows you.

4. God often Reveals Things To You Before They Happen

He does nothing without revealing it first to his servants the prophets. He may show you the good to come if cities/nations turn to God or he may show you the bad stuff that may happen or is going to happen if they don’t repent. This one is a bit tricky because sometimes God shows you the negative events so you can sound an alarm and intercede to stop it from happening but other times he may have you release judgment—which in my life has been a very rare thing.

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This has only happened to me once, where I had to release judgment and it came to pass exactly as I saw. In a dream, a wicked place was burned to the ground. Then the Lord told me the fire was his judgment and to release it. I prayed and released God’s judgment and I warned the people. Two weeks later Hurricane Charley hit Florida and the building was completely destroyed. A photo of this place made it in Time magazine. It was God’s judgment. In the photo was a sign that read “Do it yourself and save.”

5. Other Prophets Recognize the Anointing And Confirm the Prophetic Calling

The spirit of prophets are subject to prophets and other prophets can recognize a prophetic mantle. Prophetic people often see me glow like Moses. I’ve had times coming out of the presence of God where several prophetic people I did not know stood around me in shock at the glory on my face making it glow. There jaws dropped.

I’ve had many prophets either call me out in meetings or tell me how much authority God has given me in my calling. This is because the spirit of prophets are subject to the prophets. I too can recognize authority in the spirit and recognize a true prophetic calling on someone.

6. You Are Faithful to a Local Church

God uses other believers to confirm and affirm a prophet’s calling. Being faithful to a local body of believers is important. It provides family, relationship, and accountability. It’s the only way you can grow in your seer gift. You need a community to be able to grow in your gifting. Also, you aren’t a prophet until other people start recognizing and confirming that call on your life. This is something I believe I heard Kris Vallotton (at Bethel) say once,

You are not a Seer prophet if you are running all by yourself. A lone prophet isn’t really a prophet. He may have the gifting and calling but he won’t be able to walk it out unless he is committed to a local body of believers. Accountability is necessary.

7. There May Be Signs Going Back To Childhood Or Salvation

Many prophets have specific events that serve as indicators, in their childhood, of God’s prophetic call on their life. This could be an encounter with God, Angels, demons, etc. My earlier life was marked by encounters in all three of these categories.

I frequently had demonic attacks during the night. I also remember experiencing the fear of God for the first time at age 5. Age 13 What I believe to be an angel, woke me up in a tent where I was camping the night I rededicated my life to Christ. At age 19 God (internal) audibly called my name and said he was proud of me. At 23 he confirmed my call to be a prophet.

I could go on but my point is if you’re called to be a seer prophet God will let you know. He’s a smart guy and well capable of getting your attention.

8. You See Spirits On People and Sin They Struggle With

This is related to the discernment gift. You may come out of your prayer closet and go into a public space (or even to church) and be able to see or feel everyone’s sin and the spirits they have on them. I don’t fully understand why this happens since there is nothing you can do about everything you see—since there are so many people. I, personally, don’t reveal 95% of the stuff I see in the spirit to anyone. Especially sin. I just give it to Jesus and pray if I’m led.

God also warns me of people through dreams/visions in which their sin is revealed to me (if they aren’t who they make themself out to be. Seer prophets can see sin. Nothing is hidden from God. Especially when in the anointing—everything can be seen. A Seer has to learn how to not judge people based off the sin he sees.

I hope these tips helped. Like I said before, God is capable of confirming your calling. Begin to ask him 🙂

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41 thoughts on “How to Know If You Are a Seer | 8 Signs You’re a Seer

  1. Praise Jesus ! This is one of the confirmation that I have a seer anointing.. please pray for me. Thank you. God bless !!

    1. Wow wow wow this has been such a help for me I could totally relate to this. Thank you and may God bless you🙏🏾

    2. Thank you please help me to know that’ I am called as, seerer as prophet because most that stuff happened to me

  2. Reading yr words I can identify completely… NewZealand told me I have a rare gift frm God..its a burden I feel everythng… I have good friends in law enforcement and in Health… my doctor ws the Director of Mental Health ex police G.P. I want to communicate with similar friends in law enforcement have high ranking positions…???? [edited by Andrew. Names removed]

  3. Thank you so much brother. The Lord is really wonderful. I have a dream tonite seeing the Glory and light of God which I have never seen in my life. I saw beautiful flowers I have never seen. Will keep on praying

  4. Praise the Lord Brother Andrew,

    I want to thank you for this article it was very enlightening. I will continue to study more about this as it was just revealed to me by another prophet. It, certainly does, explain a lot of things I didn’t understand. Thanks again man of God and have a great day!!!

  5. This explains so much. So much of my life. Smh.
    My sporadic emotions that could never be controlled by medications prescribed. My anxiousness around others. I feel the hate. I always know the moves of my enemies. And I stay constantly under attack by demons unless I backslide and submit to sin. Smh…

  6. Praise GOD for your obedience, I now have a clear understanding of my calling and I can walk freely in it. Thank you.

  7. My seer gift is so serious i constantly see ideas in vision about a certain man ministry and I haven’t seen for anybody each vision God shows me he confirms it through that man ministry

  8. Hi, A lot of these are accurate with my life. I sense things in different atmospheres. Sometimes a heavy presence that’s uncomfortable and sometimes on people when I see them. My dreams have been vivid after having a strong encounter with the Holy spirit in a worship meeting. One particular dream I was hugging Jesus and he said I will have everything I want, and I would be Great at speaking. There’s more to the dream, but I dont want to write too much lol ..During worship atmospheres I see fog when God’s presence is strong. I just started being apart of a Church for about 7 months, so I’m still learning so much. My pastor operates in these gifts. I dont think he calls himself a seer, but I know he has encounters with Angel’s and he operates in the 9 gifts. I pray in Jesus name that I get a full confirmation that if what I’ve been going through is something that God is preparing me for Maybe? Please pray for me! Thank you so much! My Email:

  9. It has been confirmed that I am a seer also. It’s hard to distinguish with your Spiritual senses what belongs to you or someone else.

  10. Sometimes in church I get overwhelmed with emotions because I can feel everyone’s fear,pain and sorrow.This also sometimes happens when I’m trying to help guide someone to God who I know desperately needs and is asking for my help.I feel best when I’m alone with God.Serving our Lord is very difficult LOL.And sometimes I don’t feel I’m doing a good job and not a good servant to our Lord.Maybe before I leave this world I’ll get to feel like I’ve served him well.

  11. Thank you so much for helping me understand my gift from God. For years I have been plagued by ‘spiritual attacks’ and misunderstanding. Recently I had a vivid dream of flying through snow and the sky filled with cherubs. It confirmed my faith. It was the most beautiful vision.

  12. upon requested NAME WITHELD, Since I do not do facebook, Tvtube, instagram, maybe in the future. Mr. Andrew I pray that you are taking those prayer requests seriously. The word Seer, prophets are not to be taken lightly, Some people just want a few words to justified themselves. We all have flaws, faults. I won’t say I am a seer or prophet. Those that know me, think I am. Just ADDED me to your prayer list.Let your ministry continue be a blessing. Thank you,Take care

  13. This is literally my whole life in a nutshell!!! Super informative. God bless you and your work for the Lord 🙂

  14. I am so blessed for the gift of being A seer. I see and talk to angels. The angels love children The sky opens up to me and I see the angels dancing and children playing. The angels as show me children crossing over to heaven. The down fall is seeing the demons. I see the angels kicking the demons ass. The angels put the demons in A head lock no joke. They are warriors and messages of God and his kingdom

  15. I have some of these happening with me I’ve had a lot of attacks from demons and people coming against me with witchcraft . But I’m now getting scripture about being a false prophet and damable heresies I’m so confused

  16. Hi, I just want to let you know that I am a real seer and I have seen things in my life that actually happened. I can also see very vivid dreams that tell me about what will happen. I have actually saved a person’s life before with my powers, and also I have saved 2 other lives that I must not tell who. I know it might be crazy but I have even saved a spirt animal from never coming back. I think my power is really good and I like how this website told me that seers are like prophets to god and are with god because a lot of people who believe in Magic and miracles think that a lot of seers are demonic. Praise Jesus!

  17. Thank you, still looking for answers. Have you ever had a dream where you and others are given pillows? With different color pillowcases? I was given a pillow with two pillow cases and told that not many are given two, the top was white and below multiple striped colors. I was told that I could fly and do supernatural things, but that I was holding myself back.

  18. I has the same experience exactly as you said. God bless you more. Thanks for ur words

  19. I think I’m one but I have visions and I can see ghost and stuff I couldn’t see before. The world seer just popped in my head one day other stuff does to I also get in trance and draw stuff I see. I have dreams to. I don’t know what to do this stuff is scary I do more to.

  20. Wow, thank you for all these tips, I have experienced some of them and even came across a largest person I have never seen in the awaken world , I got so scared as if that peson was standing next to me in real life,, I have so many stories but I dont know anybody who can take me true the spiritual journey because I am an african I am told that I am supposed to be a sangoma, and I know I
    am not because I once had a revelation that I am a prophet, thank you I will pray more until God talks to me again , thank you

  21. Wow!This is so much me!!! At last i know my gift!!! All glory be to God hallelujah.

  22. Thank you for all the beautiful information & confirmations. I’m a seer God by way of Ezekiel and angels confirmed me. I bless our Father God for each of us.

  23. Well there we have it enlightened souls out there. I personally had not heard the English word seer before today ? Have had countless wonderous happenings around me for such a long time all the way back to 7 yrs of age . Have been told today by a complete stranger that I am a seer ? My priest took me aside once and also told me I had tremendous faith 🙏truly believe something is awakening within me .Only pray and trust God to light and guide me towards his calling and teachings 🕊🤍 🌹 Namaste fellow brilliant souls out there ✨

  24. Hi Andrew, my name is Andrea! I was told at least 20 years ago, by an older cousin who was a prophetess, that I was to have a prophetic ministry at some point in my life. This all came about because I was having dreams/night visions( many that would come to pass). My cousin instructed me to keep a dream journal, which I diligently have maintained for years. All of my ex-boyfriends called me a psychic. On ex even going so far as to tell me to stay out of the spiritual world, but then later, called me and asked for me to pray for him when his life was in danger. I also had one other prophet-ftiend which told me, out right what do you need me for?! As, I had shared with her a dream of having the stigmata of Christ in my hands., then walking through a great doorway to a room full of people waiting for me. Sometimes I have a great heat that rises up from my core, however I don’t know exactly what that is. Also, most recently I am being awakened from my sleep by my name be being called. I get up around 3-4am and pray Psalms 91, and more than often it is intercession.

  25. You are right on point. I must say, the saints need to stop calling prophets who can relate to your description #4, as a doom and gloom prophet. In addition, upset when prophets and seers are called by God to judge a situation.
    All seers are prophets, but not all prophets are seers. Nevertheless, neither negates the other. One good example is when Nathan and Gad stood as one when approaching King David.
    I can remember back to the age of three where I can tell you of my calling emerging as a seer.
    Thanks for making this teaching plain and simple for others to understanding exactly what it is to be a seer. A seer will also operated in demonstrations.
    I have a two page prophecy given to fourteen years ago about President Biden winning the election. You’d be surprise what God said and is saying about him.
    God bless you in Jesus’ name,
    Lois C.

    1. Hi Lois.

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not usually able to approve this quickly but just saw yours in my inbox.
      I appreciate the points you made and the encouragement.

      I stayed out of the election stuff. I stayed away from the news and also what other prophetic people were saying.
      I still do. The night before the election though I had a significant dream I had interpreted to mean that Biden would win.
      I’m not political at all. I believe in biblical values but at the same time stay far away from politics.

      I think its awesome that you are praying for Biden and receiving revelation from the Lord about him. He needs all of the prayer we can give.
      Appreciate you.

      – Andrew

  26. Thank you so much , all this reading help me a lot to discover what am here on earth for! What happening in my life as a seer is a calling . I began to wonder if I go back on time to do my calling and for feud the will of God .My soul will be peaceful and strange in him. I have be given a second chance..I need some one to tell me if is me again.

  27. Hi. I think my daughter might be a seer. I am a confused father looking for answers and ways to help my daughter. My daughter is is under spiritual attack. She sees things that she can tell is not good. Lately she has been getting strange dreams and I dont know how to help her understand it. She will go to church and school and come home very emotional and exhausted and sometimes even tired to the point where she needs to take a nap. She says she hears screams ehen she is around people in church and in school. Screams of people who are being hurt. She told me once that “they” told her to watch and see how powerfull they are and then me and my wife would start to argue suddenly. She also has mentioned that she has been hurt by these things. I am at the end of my rope as I feel that my prayers are not working. I recently started to follow Jesus and I am still struggling everyday with sin and I feel that its also my fault that this is happening to her. I just need some advice please.

  28. Hi Andrew. I came across your blog while searching for truth concerning something. I would really appreciate any insight you may have. My nephew has been missing since February 10th and is from Huntsville Ala. My sister- his mother- has been in such agony. When a friend here- I live in New Orleans- told me about someone (Jim) who might could help I was hopeful. So I contacted him. Jim told me he helps lost souls to go into the light and go home. He said he was with my nephew and he was ok. He sent me satellite images of where he said my nephews body is. I of course told my sister and she flipped and said the Bible is totally against this kind of thing and the info was from Satan. I’m a Christian also but I believe the info came from God thru Jim. This only happened a couple of days ago.
    So two questions if you would be so kind-
    1. Do you think that Jim is a seer such as yourself?
    2. If yes, I don’t know if this info will be taken seriously by anyone in Huntsville. Should I drive up myself and try to search? It is a heavily wooded area and I’m not in great physical shape- nearly 66yr. old lady.
    Whew. I hope you don’t mind reading this and will greatly appreciate any response!
    Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Hi June. Thanks for your comment. I am very sorry to hear about your nephew.

      I would be very careful if I were you.
      I believe that God speaks to people through the Holy Spirit. He uses dramatic ways sometimes, such as dreams, visions, trances, and other unusual experiences. Certain people flow in the gift of prophecy through various prophetic gifts. The gifts are for edification and comfort. Very very, very rarely are they ever used for direction. In the old testament, prophets were used because God’s people did not have the inward dwelling of the Holy Spirit inside of them. Or access to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He wasn’t poured out until Pentecost.

      I would be wary of anyone that gives as-a-matter-of-fact information like that. I believe that God can speak to us each individually. I also believe he uses prophetic people, but I’ve seen the gift abused frequently. The Bible is clear that gifts are real, but false prophets can use them.

      Anything anyone tells you should be judged according to new testament scripture. We should also be in community with a local body of believers, so we don’t go off on our own and become isolated. We need others to correct us and point out our blind spots.

      I can’t give you an opinion on him because I don’t know him. From what you have shared, I do have a lot of concerns and suspicions. In the new testament, we are instructed to judge prophecy and people claiming to be prophets by the fruit in their lives. The fruits of the Spirit. Scripture also says that even Satan can appear as an angel of light. Scripture tells us to test the spirits, and any spirit that does not claim Jesus Christ is the son of God is the spirit of the antiChrist.

      I don’t know this guy, but I would ask questions like, is the part of a local Christian church that follows the teachings of Jesus? Does he read the word or teach the word? Does he believe anything non-biblical, like there are other ways to heaven (besides Jesus) or that all people go to heaven no matter what?

      I’d pray, and I’d ask the Lord to show me about this man. I’d also judge what he says and does according to scripture. I’d also ask the people around me, other believers I am close with. Sometimes we have blind spots.

      I’m sorry I can’t responsibly give you a clear answer, but it does sound suspicious to me.

      As for your second question, I’m sorry I can’t speak to that either. I’d be very careful. Personally, when I have ministered prophetic words in the past, my team has had a rule of not giving directional words. Words about marriage or moving…there are lots of cases where words weren’t from God. They were from the person’s imagination or pressure to give out a word…peoples faith can get damaged when prophecy is used irresponsibly.

      I am very sorry to hear about your nephew. I can only imagine how hard it’s been for you and your family. I will keep you and the situation in my prayers. I hope I’m not coming off as too negative here; I’m just trying to caution you a bit.

  29. My husband is in the ministry, but God clearly led us to purchase a business some years ago, and whereas the business has done well in the sense of serving peoples’ needs and an avenue of encouragement and living truth before the world, every financial endeavor we have made has failed. Any investment we have made or improvement to maximize efficiency we have made has resulted in lost money instead of gain. My husband is having to take on more and more jobs to keep us afloat. We love what we do, but we don’t know if this is just “labor pangs before birth” and we are supposed to stick it out, or if God is trying to redirect us. All these years I have had open hands to ask God to lead us – to show us what his will is for this place – I will do whatever he asks, if he would just make it clear. We have zero direction at this point, a lot of exhaustion, and financial strain. I know you don’t give directional advice, and the only reason I have been willing to reach out is your strong focus on biblical practice and accountability of a local church. I guess I’m asking if you can pray for us, and if you have any insight, I am willing to hear. I am constantly crying “speak, Lord, for your servant hears.” But to this point, he has chosen to remain silent.

    1. Hi Grace. Thanks for reaching out for prayer. Juggling with business, finances, and even ministry can be a challenge. I’ve been in similar situations. When things don’t work out the way I expected them to and I get dealt, what seems like, blow after blow…I’ve learned to use the pain from this (and desperation) to press into God in a new way. I don’t always do it perfectly, but hardships and feeling the weight of my problems has a way of making me realize I can’t do anything without strength from God. I don’t know if you fast regularly but I’d encourage you to take a few days or a week and really press into God. Spend more time in worship/prayer and the Word then you normally would. Fasting looks different for everyone, not everyone can go days without food…do what is right for your situation (maybe a Daniel fast or something).

      As for your financial situation…I can relate to that as well.

      We all battle with fear and have to work at renewing our minds. I’ve seen God do amazing financial miracles in my life when I surrendered everything, gave sacrificially, and made a good effort to pay the bills I owed. He is really faithful.

      At the same time there are seasons of delay. Where the money doesn’t come through and tons of bills are due. The stress of work can be intense…but God is still faithful and things always work out in the end for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

      I will definately be praying you can discern the direction God is leading you into.

      One last thought, with blogs, youtube, and social media–it’s never been as easy as it is for a person to do start an online business they are passionate about. This blog is a ministry/side project. I don’t do it for the money…but I have other sites I am building for income.

      There is also youtube and 100 other “side hustles” available thanks to the internet. Before I got into blogging I’d flip things on ebay. I’d goto yard sales and thrift stores and find things that were $5 but sold for $50+ online. I even collected “free books” people didn’t want and sold them on amazon. One set I was given was worth $350.

      Not sure if this helps but just some ideas. Take care!

      – Andrew

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